ZkPad to empower Starkware protocols

We are pleased to announce the launch of ZkPad, the first launchpad on Starknet.

ZkPad will launch on Starknet

We want to provide all serious developers of the Starknet ecosystem the possibility to raise the necessary funds to develop their protocol and to help the community to choose serious projects to invest in.

Our vision

We have been strong supporters of Ethereum, and more generally web3 since 2018. Indeed, decentralization is according to us one of the major issues in this world, and Ethereum is in our eyes the ideal way to achieve this decentralization, necessary in order to make this world better for all.
Nevertheless, the access prices to Ethereum technology have been too high for a few years now, and wanting a decentralized future means wanting a future in which everyone can participate. Unfortunately, as it stands, Ethereum does not support everyone on the network, and the price of gas has become far too limiting a factor to bring about global adoption of Ethereum.
We were very excited about the arrival of L2, which brings scalability solutions to the Ethereum network, while keeping L1-based security, which offers much more security and decentralization than L1 solutions developed elsewhere (Solana, Cardano…). Nevertheless, we think that L2 solutions must be done in an intelligent way, in order to guarantee a level of security and decentralization equivalent to L1. We believe today that zk rollups are the future of L2, and the best way to secure L2 networks, ahead of other solutions such as optimistic rollups.

That’s why we decided to help developers on zk rollups to develop dapps that enable the global adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Wen launch?

Early Q2 2022.

What’s next?

  • Whitepaper V1
  • Website V1
  • Telegram and Discord channel
  • Roadmap V1
  • Twitter space AMA

Hope to catch up soon, we’re looking for talented people to join the team in order to develop the future of decentralisation, if you have experience in web2, web3, marketing or as a CM, reach us via email: zkpadfi@gmail.com with a Resume/Github profile/Linkedin profile.

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ZkPad is the first decentralised and secure launchpad, coming on Starknet early 2022.